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Accela recently announced the appointment of industry veterans to three newly created executive roles. We welcomed Jay Colfer as Chief Revenue Officer, Troy Coggiola as Chief Product Officer and Srini Kakkera as Senior Vice President of Engineering. These new executives, along with Accela’s existing leadership team, will work to strengthen alignment across company initiatives critical to our next phase of cloud platform growth, and continue to improve our products and processes to better serve you. A link to the press release is here so you can read more about these very qualified professionals.

Resolution Time and Satisfaction Improve
The additional staff and improved processes Accela put in place last quarter are paying off. Issue resolution time has come down and satisfaction is in the high 90s. Here are the numbers.

Comparing Q1 between 2016 and 2017, we see a 40% improvement in issue resolution time. When we compare Q2, issues were resolved 56% faster. Further, case backlog dropped 25% between January and May of this year. Every month we closed 5 – 9% more support cases than were called in, which indicates the changes are working. From January through May of this year, 97% of customers were satisfied with the resolution of their support case.

Service Level Agreements for Support
Accela adopted Standard Service Level Agreements for Finance & Administration customers. These SLAs define the response and resolution time Accela strives to provide. Support issues are categorized as critical, high, medium or low, which determines the target response and resolution times.

Issue Definitions and Response/Resolution Goals
Critical - System or application is non-functional or seriously affected and there is no reasonable workaround available (e.g. Business is halted)
  • Response: within 1 business hour 
  • Resolution goal: continuous work on the problem. Workaround, fix, or estimated completion date within 72 hours of problem diagnosis and/or replication 
High - System or application is affected and there is no workaround available or the workaround is impractical (e.g. System response is very slow, day-to-day operations continue but are impacted by the work around)
  • Response: within 4 business hours 
  • Resolution goal: workaround, fix, or estimated completion date within 14 business days of problem diagnosis and/or replication 
Medium - System or application feature is non-functional and a convenient workaround exists (e.g. Non-critical feature is unavailable or requires additional user intervention)
  • Response: within 8 business hours 
  • Resolution goal: workaround, fix or estimated completion date within 21 business days of diagnosis and/or replication 
Low - System or application feature works, but there is a minor problem (e.g. Incorrect label, or cosmetic defect)
  • Response: within 24 business hours 
  • Resolution goal: resolution for the issue may be released as a patch set or be incorporated into a future release of the product 

The severity definitions and resolution times discussed are for Production Environment issues only.  Full details and information about support entitlement can be found in your Accela maintenance agreement.

For a more thorough discussion of SLAs, please feel free to reach out to Nam Ha, Customer Support Manager at [email protected]

UPDATE: Upgrade Automation
We built a scalable, cloud-based system to handle multiple upgrades in parallel. That means we can upgrade your agency faster with reduced downtime.
That also means you'll maximize your F&A software investment and get better performance, integration opportunities and support tools, when you upgrade to the latest version. 
Our current focus is upgrading “Standard” customers requiring minimal to no customizations. There are two upgrade options, depending on whether you want to migrate to the cloud or stay on-premise.
1. ) Migrate to cloud (SaaS)
    • Migrate from customer-premise to the latest cloud version 
    • Leverage Accela’s technical expertise to upgrade, maintain, and stay current 
2. ) Stay on-premise (Upgrade Package)
    • Upgrade customer-premise version to 7.18 
    • Add a package that bolts on to annual maintenance and covers the initial upgrade and major upgrades every ~2 years 

UPDATE: F&A Training and ANUG Meeting
The ANUG meeting at the Accela F&A Training event will be held July 19 from 11:00-11:45 AM PST. Art Martinez, Stacey Barrett and Julie Interrante look forward to catching up with you then!
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Quick takes on the latest product updates
  • Mass Meter Change Out Utility for Version 7.15 and up.
  • EEOC Race Category Maintenance. We will release a tool to Version 7.09 and up to update your employees in groups in an upcoming service pack.
In progress:
  • Retirement Reporting and Filing updates for New York, Washington, Wisconsin and California. 
  • We continue to release Admin Tools and User Utilities to allow support staff and clients to resolve issues that previously needed engineering engagement. That means faster turnaround time. And in cases where User Utilities exist, users can correct issues that previously required support.
In planning:
  • Cloud Security improvements, including User Deactivation and enhanced Password Authentication functionality.
  • FLSA changes for handling pay periods in addition to the current fixed work period.
Please note: Online-bills is moving to Microsoft Azure. Many of you have already whitelisted the Azure IP addresses-- thank you! Now, we're asking the rest of you to take this important step in preparation for Online-bills' migration to Azure this summer. We'll provide plenty of notification prior to the system moving over. These are the four new IP's to add to IP-based traffic filtering:,,,

SPOTLIGHT: Janet's Back! 
We’re thrilled to announce Janet Peterson has rejoined the Accela F&A team.
  After a stint atjanet-peterson.png the City of Beaverton (where her famous pumpkin     roll won the citywide bake-off, we might  add!), Janet is back           advocating for customers as an F&A Account Manager. It’s a role   she wholeheartedly embraces.

  Janet understands the demands of local government. Before joining Springbrook in 2001, she worked     17 years at the City of Cornelius. That shaped her dedication to helping government meet residents’ needs.

Janet joins a growing list of familiar faces returning to the company, including Ken Hoffmann, Bert Lowry, Wanda Swainson, Ed Ubando and Natalee Webb.

Please help us welcome all of them back. And don’t pass up a chance to try Janet’s pumpkin roll.

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