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Connecting Government to Citizens

Democracy thrives when governments work directly with citizens

The Civic Platform connects public sector, citizens, partners and developers to engage, interact and transact.

At Springbrook, we believe that engagement makes all the difference. We build bridges between citizens and government, making engagement easy—even delightful. We are ushering in a new era where democracy thrives when government works directly with the people, coming to citizens on their own terms through mobile devices, social media and open data.

We provide solutions for government agencies to automate and streamline civic processes around asset management,citizen relationship managementenvironmental health, finance and administration, land managementlegislative management, licensing and case managementrecreation and resource management, and right of way management.

From making it easier to open and run a business, to completing permits and inspections, to making city council meeting agendas, minutes and decisions available online, our time-tested, secure Civic Platform provides the foundation for creating the two-way flow of data that makes engagement possible and helps to build the bridge between agencies and citizens.

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