Springbrook Software | Key Contacts for Springbrook Support

Key Contacts for Springbrook Finance & Administration Support Leadership Team

If a critical issue arises that causes a work stoppage - we recommend you engage Support by calling (888)722-2352, option 5 and speak with a technician. Please let the technician know the severity of the issue and request engagement with a senior support team member for issues that have a significant impact on your business such as System is down, Payroll cannot go out, Billing cannot go out, etc....

If engagement for these types of issues takes greater than 30 minutes, please escalate to the Support leadership team below for us to get you the right Springbrook resources.  The leadership team can be contacted on any support escalation topics as well.

Escalation Contact 1
Debby Gretz - Transition Project Manager
Location/Office:  St Cloud/MN
W:  503.820.4536 (ext. 834536) | Mobile:  320.333.0482 | [email protected]

Escalation Contact 2
Nam Ha - Manager, Customer Support
Location/Office:  San Ramon, CA
W: 925.359.3750 | M: 925.915.7724 | [email protected]

Escalation Contact 3
Cheryl Weimer - Customer Support Supervisor
Location/Office:  Buffalo, NY
W:  716.650.2142 (ext. 892142) | [email protected]

Escalation to Accela Management
Sharon Talkington - Director, Customer Support
Location/Office:  San Ramon, CA
W: 925.786.0346 | [email protected]