Springbrook National User Group

In a world that relies on telecommunication to survive, SNUG encourages clients to interact face-to-face to thrive. Regional user groups provide a forum for SNUG users to exchange software tips and tricks, discuss ways to utilize the software and spur communication among neighboring organizations. Communication among regional user group members is not just limited to meetings as users build contacts and continue to network long after meetings are adjourned. To provide support, Springbrook assists regional coordinators with forming groups and planning meetings.

2019 Springbrook User Conference a HUGE Success!

In June 2019 the SNUG Board hosted more than 250 attendees for the annual SNUG Conference in Portland, OR. Springbrook was a proud sponsor of the event and provided 40+ training sessions. Thanks to everyone who attended, but if you missed us this year, this newsletter will get you up to speed. We cover the Conference, a call for your feedback and last but not least, release of the new Herfie!  If you missed the SNUG Conference, click on the picture below for a short video recap of the the entire event.